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This story takes us back to the times of slavery, the times were black people were treated less than an animal. Sakira, a young beautiful girl from a peaceful village in west Africa. Filled with love and happiness in her heart, she had nothing to worry about. But as fate would have its way, she was captured by the English men and taken to be a slave in the land of Britain. Determined not to let herself be a prisoner to slavery, some rules had to be broken.
Dave, a young English man that loved the African culture. he had passion for Africans and wished for himself to be like them. Sakira and Dave crossed path and things never remained the same. Falling in love at first sight and watching his lover suffer was more than a torture to Dave. Find out the risks and challenges both have to face in order to make things right. Behind this cover are rules that are about to be broken, dares that are made to face, understanding what Love truly means even in worst circumstances and bringing together different cultures and traditions, showing the unity in mankind.

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