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Advancing the Cause

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We Americans have always believed in the value and worth of every mam and the right soldier in right place at right right time can make a difference in turning the tide of Battle. The outcome of such a battle could ultimately determine the results of a war and change the course of history. This American Civil War is based on a Twist-of- fate where Confederate Captain O'Neil kills Union Colonel Stockton who could have been his identical twin brother. O'Neil assumes the dead man's place to become the "Trojan Face" in President Lincoln's White House. Just as the original "Trojan Horse' was used to get in the City of Troy to win that War, putting a Confederate Spy in the White House could help win the War for the South. Advancing the Cause is book two in the four book series on the American Civil War. In this book General Lee is taking the War, North and by using Colonel O'Neil detailed information on the Union Army's plans could help the South Win their freedom from the Union. O'Neil is in a dangerous game with Lincoln's Intelligence Officer, Allen Pinkerton who wants to catch him as a Confederate Spy.

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