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How to Cope When You Want Someone You Cannot Have (Dealing with Rejection)

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This is one situation a lot of people or person find hard or difficult to recover from. This is because they on their own have gone through a lot to finally get to that point when they are being turned down. Coming to know and feel something for someone actually does take a whole lot of time, but after going through those process, only to discover that the same person doesn’t feel that way  and one cannot be with such a person can be really devastating.

Coping after this whole emotional stress can really take a whole lot of time. This is because the individual affected finds it unbelieving to come to the knowledge of the fact that, he or she can still get want he or she wants and this is literally where the problem lies.

So, if you are in this situation or have anyone in this kind of mess, you can actually help such persons come out of their wild goose chase because the simple truth remains they cannot have what they so desire because it isn’t going to happen.

This book therefore provide a step by step guide to help you, a friend, close relatives or co-worker in coming out of that emotional stress which has been eating him or her up.


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