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The Direction The Awareness Stage

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The purpose of the book „The Direction – The Awareness Stage” is to reveal the direction you, as the human species, must take. Humankind underwent several stages along history. Certain principles, correlated to the development of understanding and transformation in your society, corresponded to each of these stages. The second book of the cycle „Awareness Stage” attempts to define the direction you must take from now on, to demonstrate your readiness to take the enormous step necessary to comprehend the essence of your existence during the next phase of development, and the implementation of evolved behavior, which must be adopted by each of you.
Only by understanding correctly the main directives to observe the principles of: peace, harmony, balance, and love, will you be able to reach the next level of evolution. Anything else not conforming to these principles will crumble by itself.
Why is this? To make room and to create the right conditions for those of you who understand change and the principles it based upon.
Modify your mentality, your way of thinking and analyzing, to give meaning to your existence at a higher level. Your role on Earth is to contribute to the evolution of society. Do not shed this role to focus only on your own wellbeing. Evolution is not possible if only a small number of people possess the knowledge and the material resources to the detriment of the majority. The only way to make the transition to the next stage if for a larger number of people to reach the superior levels of understanding, and to display an adequate behavior using their own feelings and conscience.
To take this step it is necessary for the majority of people to understand their role and the given direction. Those who do not understand this will be pulled back, to make room for those who wish to contribute with all their souls, to inspire humanity towards greatness and rediscovery.
This is our message to you, those finding yourselves here and now. Receive this message and treat it seriously with the same respect and patience that we, those who have created you, have showed you along all these millennia. Do not take these principles lightly nor the direction that we have indicated. If you do, you will only find yourselves in the places we have prepared specifically for those incapable to acquire these principles correctly.
Earth is destined to become a planet inhabited only by those displaying evolved feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Be one of those who understood our message and support it!
The Monitoring Team of Planet Earth’s Evolution
Through Amratra

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