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Frank "Blinky" Palermo Philadelphia Boxing Manager

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Frank "Blinky" Palermo was a prominent force in boxing from the 1940s through the mid 1980s. He formed a triumvirate with gambler Frankie Carbo and St. Louis underworld figure John Vitale. They dominated the careers of such fighters as Ike Williams, Johnny Saxton and Charles "Sonny" Liston. Having been indicted many times, Blinky was never convicted of a felony, only misdemeanors. He served a portion of a fifteen-year prison sentence late in his life. Through Carbo Blinky was tied directly to the Lucchese crime family of New York City. Palermo and Carbo dominated boxing fixes in the heyday when the mob controlled the sport. Fight manipulators ensured the syndicate that they would receive a healthy cut of profits.

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