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The Ballad of Egg Man Jeff

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Ever wanted a chicken as a business partner? Can an egg be the key to abundance?

Jeffry Jefferson works hard day and night trying to make a living. Doing chores around the farm, he makes just enough to survive, but he dreams of wealth. Realising he needs to think bigger, he advertises for a friend to join him in his ventures. But there's a problem - just one egg applies for the job, and the egg has no name!

Will Jeffry be able to find a name for the egg and persuade the shy chick to come out of its shell. Between them, can they build their own successful business, or are they destined to lead a life of toil? Will they ever come up with a plan to create the happy, wealthy lifestyle they desire.

Join Jeffry and friends in this charming, illustrated poem that will teach your kids how a small business can be grown into a thriving enterprise through friendship, hard work, the application of a plan and lots and lots of chickens.

The Ballad of Egg Man Jeff is a prequel to the illustrated story Orson's Lesson's in Wealth which tells the story of a poor boy, Orson, who is given a single day to learn the secrets of wealth from Jeffry and his friends.

Pick up The Ballad of Egg Man Jeff to unlock one of the secrets of abundance today!

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