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Second Chance Mates Volume 2: Second Chance Mates

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Second Chance Mates Volume 2: Second Chance Mates

Length: 278 pages2 hours


WilderI try to take care of Logan's little family, but it hasn't been easy, especially now Logan's parents have taken Maddy away from Sterling.But I'll fight for them every step of the way because Sterling and Maddy are my family now, and I will prove it.

SterlingI can't believe Logan's parents would try to rip my family apart, that they would take Maddy away from me. Being pregnant and trying to deal with all of this isn't going to be easy.But I'm fighting for my family and I won't give up the second chance at life that meeting Wilder has given me.

This volume includes the final four novellas in the Second Chance Mates series: My Family's Fight, My Beloved's Wedding, My Baby's Birth, Our Second Chance Life.

This series contains Mpreg (male pregnancy).

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