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Blurbs Sell Your Books: Craft Irresistible Blurbs, And Sell More Fiction And Nonfiction Today

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Want to sell more books, easily and painlessly? 

You can, when you discover the secrets of writing blurbs (book descriptions) which sell. 

You can rescue books which aren't selling, and have confidence that your new books will have the best chance to find their audience.

Write successful fiction and nonfiction…

If you're writing nonfiction, readers check your blurb to see whether your book can help them. On the other hand, if you're writing fiction, readers want to know whether your book will entertain them.

In this book you'll discover the secrets of blurb mastery: blurbs will never terrify you again. 

Here's a tip. Write your blurb before you start your book. When you do this, not only will your writing go more smoothly, but you'll also do less editing.

Blurbs are advertisements for your books…

Look on blurbs as advertisements, because that's exactly what they are. They're a tease; they attract the audience you need.

Starting today, you will:

* Become confident that you can write blurbs which sell;

* Find the audiences for your books;

* Get more readers;

* Write your books more easily: your blurb is a compass for you when you write your books.
 Get started writing blurbs which sell today.

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