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In a Philosophical Mood

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A Poetic narrative written in my first year at university.
Writing about our secret thoughts and feelings, I find that writing strictly to the poetry metre sounds too restraining as I try to convey those thoughts and feelings of our true selves.
So not to sound too 'formal' I wrote this poetry with rhyme and rhythm so one can follow more easily and pick up the feel and essence of the subjective prose.
Most of this poetry and essays was written at a time when I was going through an emotional period, adjusting to being single again.
So I ended up a very mature student studying philosophy and creative writing.
At that time my feelings were influencing my writing and as one will see in this collection of prose you can join me and delve deeper into thoughts and feelings of our emotive consciousness.
Having said that, most of the writing in this anthology was written from introspective conjecture as they occurred in my mind. I remember the excitement amongst the students on the day of the '1991 Rugby World Cup' match. It inspired me to write what I felt it was like to be upfront and part of that team. (See Triumph).
I'm always aware of the power of nature, and find observation and involvement not only creative but life enhancing. I remember noticing how quickly my favourite garden tree in the early part of April and after the frosts of winter would become green with bursting buds and within a couple of weeks be covered in blossom. It changed so quickly and I found it extremely interesting beautiful act of nature. The poetic story of that tree is here for you to read, entitled. ‘First Spring'.
The Painting, was a special piece, when looking at it my imagination created a vivid picture of what I thought the artist had wanted to convey. This piece although written in February 1992 became a monologue in my play, which I wrote in later years at Southampton University on a playwriting course. ('The Painting' 2001).
I am told that my poetry and writing is philosophically ethereal, (wow what a mouthful!) But I agree, at that time (1991-3) my writing was perhaps introspective but intended this with depth and meaning. Hopefully you the reader may want to read it again.

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