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Flotilla: The Temp

193 pages3 hours


The Flotilla Project’s runner, Lenonre, is off on her honeymoon in Ireland, and Paya Doshi’s right-hand woman, Ange is busy managing the renovation of the Project’s newest acquisition.

Paya finds that the Flotilla has grown to a size it is difficult for her to manage on her own while having to also manage the deliveries and ride service needed on top of it all. So grudgingly she hires a temp to do the running.

She hires Reid on the recommendation of Lenore’s little sister, Christine. She is delighted to find that Reid is the mysterious person that Christine has been sneaking around with the past few months.

What nobody was expecting was the delightfully intriguing mystery that shows up on their doorstep, and they can easily see why Christine is so smitten with the beguiling Reid.

Life lessons and love are the order of the day.

The Flotilla series is a spinoff of the bestselling London Harmony series.

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