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A Shangri-La Christmas

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Beth was looking forward to spending Christmas in Scotland with her family.  With just a few weeks to go she couldn't wait.  

Arriving home one wet evening she was thrown into a state of panic when she flicked on her answer machine.  Her mum had been taken into hospital after a fall. Beth packed a bag and jumped on the night train to Penzance. 

Beth's mum is a leading light at the local church and she asks Beth to take a look in the 'pink folder' to check out what she might be able to do to help out.  Beth is not keen and would prefer not to get involved but with a bit of persuassion she agrees. 

Singing in the choir, baking cakes, helping at the Bazzar are just a few of the activities and Beth feels a bit put on... that is until she meets Stuart, new Vicar at St Piran's.  Beth can see how he's set hearts a fluttering amongst the local ladies of the parish and she can't help but fall a little under his spell herself.  But, she's cautious.

She's barely out of a relationship with an equally handsome man in the city, who just wasn't ready for any type of 'committment.' This drop dead gorgeous cleric seems just a bit too good to be true; but there's something about him!


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