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Goshen Sagas: Days of Strife

361 pages5 hours


Compilation work of Goshen Sagas: The Grey March by Dillon Sapp and Goshen Sagas: Gawei Romance by Cody Collins

All life struggles to live against the world's touch... The inhabitants of Goshen learn this early as they suffer harsh winters twice as long as the Summers, fierce beasts prowling in the wild, and raids from hostile factions to take what meager items they can scratch from the planet.
In the East, two of these factions had been at war in the recent past, the Island Nation of Gawei and the tribes of the Ran-Nu Peninsula. More than 20 years ago, Gawei invaded the plains of Ran-Nu and broke and pushed the Ran-Nu people all the way into the East Daly Mountains. Now the Ran-Nu tribes have united under Natelmel and seek revenge. Moto, a young Gawei man, soon receives a conscription to fight this attack while the League of Levyt and other Goshen Nations watch the Strife quietly in the wings.
In the West, the mountain-dwelling Abimelech dominate the lands around the Mountain chain named for them. Each summer they raid the lush lands of the Kalani to the West, the industrious Grey-Tribes to the South, and the rich tradelands of the Levyt to the Southeast. Recently, the Great Chief of the Abimelech died and was replaced by his Brother, Rhun of the Bloodstones. When the old Chief’s nephew learns of this, he rushes headlong towards the War Hall to confront the Usurper with the few of the old Chief’s retainers remaining. Meanwhile a boy of the Grey-Tribes dreams of a life in the world outside the tribes.

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