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Goshen Sagas: Gawei Romance

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Twenty Seven years ago, the Island Nation of Gawei, under their leader, the Supreme Elder, set sight on the plainlands on an eastern peninsula of the southern Continent, Pan, and marshalled their spearmen. Under the leadership of one of the nine Wills of the Supreme, they fought the native Ran-nu and forced them into the East Daly Mountains that divide the plains from the rest of Pan.

Twenty years have passed and now the Ran-nu call for war on the Gawei invaders, in the hopes of retaking their home from the foreign settlers. One of the Ran-nu, Natelmel, finds himself the leader of one of their villages and an Evot, a company of warriors, and takes up the goal of bringing his people home.

As the Ran-nu move to push the Gawei off the peninsula, Moto, the son of one of the Gawei soldiers who fought to take the Ran-Nu Peninsula, finds his village being visited by one of the Wills. He is conscripted into the Gawei army to fight the war against the Ran-nu people and hold onto the peninsula.

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