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The Last God: The Amra Thetys Series

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From the author of the Amra Thetys series comes a new novelette set in the same world, featuring the world's grumpiest old man:

Sage Lhiewyn, high priest of the god of knowledge, would like nothing better than to spend his remaining days getting his naps in and collecting offerings from what few faithful remain. Unfortunately, he's going on a trio of adventures instead.

With his less-than faithful acolyte at his side, Lhiewyn will have to face down a rampaging sewer demon, outwit the beautiful, wily priestess of a foreign god bent on unearthing his greatest secret, and stop a killer whose body count doubles with every new moon. Looks like his nap will have to wait....

A note to potential readers: It is not necessary to read the Amra Thetys series to enjoy this novelette, though of course I think it would be an excellent idea if you did. -Michael McClung

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