5 Guys Chillin'

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5 Guys Chillin'

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars5/5 (1 rating)
Length: 78 pages1 hour


‘Wanna pair of shorts? Shot of G? Line of Meph?’

From surgeons to students, couples to kink; guys that love it and lost guys longing to be loved. An original look into a drugfuelled, hedonistic, highly secret world of Chem-Sex, Grindr and instant gratification.

Created from five people’s interviews and informed by over fifty hours of material from guys found through Grindr and other social media, this is an important look at the relatively new scene that apps have been fundamental in creating. With HIV rates in London soaring and these parties being held in

part to blame, 5 Guys Chillin’ looks at changing attitudes to sex, to HIV, to how we achieve intimacy and our perception of what sexual relations can and should be.

Winner of the Doric Wilson Intercultural Dialogue Award and Best Actor award (Elliot Hadley) at Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival 2016

Radio Reverb Out In Brighton LGBTQ Award 2016

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