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King David, Man of Blood

Length: 135 pages1 hour


Lucifer makes a wager with God and sets out to test the loyalty of his favourite son, King David, Man of Blood. David's eyes are opened and for the first time he glimpses the demon inside his own god-like being. Now David must question the nature of a God who continues to bless him, a 'war criminal' in all he does. What does this say about the God he worships? David determines to set God a test of his own. Seducing the beautiful Bethsebe and sending her husband Uriah back to the front with sealed orders, David inches his way toward a crime any good God must surely punish. Mustn't he? In the battle between heaven and earth which ensues, the innocent quickly fall and David's challenge to God assumes cataclysmic proportions... King David, Man of Blood re-spins a classic biblical tale to devastating moral effect, fetching up on a very modern shore, where horror, tragedy, comedy and a terrible beauty co-exist.

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