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Our Friends, The Enemy: The 1914 Christmas Truce

Length: 51 pages26 minutes


‘The soldiers gently sway on a cool breeze. Neither side moves, or speaks. They examine one another, like long lost brothers, trying to identify these strange faces in front of them.’

Private James Boyce

The Western Front, Christmas 1914: lights appear from the German trenches, ghosts rise from behind the horizon, soldiers meet between the firing lines. The events which follow are some of the most astounding stories of the Great War told through the eyes of one soldier, Private James Boyce: ‘We’re fighting the same enemy, just on two different sides.’ Boyce takes us on a magical, haunting journey through the events surrounding the Christmas truce. Our Friends, The Enemy is an acclaimed one-man show combining theatre and spoken word to capture the story of the Christmas truce from the First World War.

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