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Daniel Returns a Ghost Story: From The Dead Of Night, #2

Length: 126 pages1 hour


Daniel walked in the land of the dead.  Now the dead want him back!  In this novel the story continues where “Daniel Is Waiting A Ghost Story” ended in a cliff hanger.  Daniel died a tragic death and should be dead.  He walked in the land of the dead for too long.  Then the light came for him as it does for all dead, but he refused it.  He fought to escape its power, but higher powers had other plans for him.

His fate was to ascend and take on the role of angel, but something went wrong.  Before he could assume his role, he met Jen.  When Daniel fought the light to stay with Jen, he broke the law of the dead.  Within the light seven Shadow enforcers saw him.  They reached out to stop him and in doing so marked him.  When Daniel escaped knew the seven would come for him.  Each creature would take the form of a person facing death turning them into a Shadow zombie.  To win against them Daniel would have to kill them with a violent death.

If Daniel could survive the seven Shadows that come for him or make it to the next full moon, he would be safe.  He would be granted the chance to retain his human form and live again.  If he lost his battle, he would be forced into the light and be judged.  The forces of good and evil watch to see who can claim Daniel in the end and control the ultimate power that is growing within him.

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