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Jason and Alexander a Gay Paranormal Love Story: True Love Never Dies, #1

145 pages2 hours


"Jason and Alexander" is a gay paranormal thriller which makes you wonder are the dead still with us.

Jason's life was falling apart around him.  He had lost his family and then his home as he was forced to take refuge in a mausoleum at a local cemetery.  He never thought he would find his salvation among the dead.  But it was there on a stormy night that Alexander made his presence known.  Jason did not believe in ghosts but all of that was about to change.

Alexander had been dead for sixty years and had given up on crossing over into the light.  In meeting Jason, he wanted more than anything to live again.  Together they decided to help each other.  Neither one intended to fall in love.  What chance did they have?  Alexander was a ghost and ghosts couldn't come back from the dead.  Or could they?

Together Jason and Alexander fight to break the rules and challenge the light that comes for all the dead. 

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