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Length: 35 pages32 minutes


Nikki feels like a kid in a candy store. Not only is she surrounded by twelve hungry, hung, BLACK men, but she is also their MAIN COURSE! But Nikki is far from intimidated. In fact, she is downright ecstatic, and the prospect of being COVERED by the end of the night keeps pushing her even closer to the edge.

Nikki has recently gone back to dancing. After trying a domesticated lifestyle, Nikki discovers that she isn't built to be tame. She needs ACTION, and she has found the perfect way to get some. Darryl is a young black hunk, and he has LOADS of friends who can help Nikki find the excitement that she craves. One night, he shows up on Nikki's doorstep, with ELEVEN guys ready to solve any problem she might have with her needs not being met. Nikki is about to find out just how big of an INSATIABLE freak she really is...

The master of BMAW erotica is here again with another series! This time she is asking the serious questions: not one of whether this amazing little Asian wonder can handle what is thrown at her, but if it will be enough to SATISFY her unquenchable THIRST?

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