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DR3AM: The Spiritual Pathway to Success

Length: 188 pages3 hours


God is elevating the people of God! To get there, God uses the spiritual pathway to success. 
The spiritual pathway to success is not for success on mediocre levels but SUCCESS ON HIGHER LEVELS, God sized levels! For people who desire to live life free and abundantly. For people who want more life, and people who want to live their purpose. 
This book, DR3AM was written by the Holy Spirit to guide people through the spiritual pathway to success. Why? To assist in the elevation of God's people. It's time for you to advance in your life and be free. You can do that by putting the 3 in DR3AM. 

Don't miss the wave. TAKE ACTION. God isn't going to wait on you to elevate the people of God, so take full advantage of this opportunity to be apart of something GREAT!  
If you have BIG DR3AMS that you are ready to bring into fruition follow the guidance in this book and make it a reality!

*Previously titled Live in Fantasy Land

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