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Kill Me Sweetly: Weasel & Big Benny, #1

Length: 72 pages56 minutes


This Book Consists Of Two Stories About Weasel And Big Benny, Two Ex Criminals Who Have Decided To Go Straight. Weasel Gets A Private Detective License. Big Benny Can't Get One Because

He Is A Felon. But Weasel Considers Him An Equal Partner In Their Detective Agency.

Kill Me Sweetly Is The First Story and When Big Benny Spots One Of Weasel's Old Girlfriend's On

Fremont Street In Las Vegas He Soon Regrets It.

To Big Benny's Consternation, Weasel Chases After The Woman. And When She Tries To Convince Him She Doesn't Know Him, He Won't Take No For An Answer. She Walks Away And When He Chases She Breaks Into A Run. She Drops The Box Of Candy She Just Bought And He Picks It Up.

When A Masked Gunman Comes Looking For The Candy, He Wonders What His Old Flame Has Gotten Herself Into.

Death Dive: Weasel Answers a Call From A Potential Client. He Finds Out The Client Wants Him To

Find Out Who Killed His Brother. Trouble Is, The police Consider The Brother's Death A Suicide.

Weasel And Big Benny Take The Case And Find out Most Of The People Involved Are Not Who They

Seem To Be.

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