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Second Chance, Better Choice

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Brandall Cannon, awkward, shy college student doesn’t always feel like he deserves much. Thrown out of his home at sixteen for being gay, his grandmother takes him in, until her death. Now, on his own, he struggles to balance his studies, and his relationship with his boyfriend, Kyle.

Except Kyle has rules, and being Brandall’s boyfriend isn’t one of them. There is no acknowledgment they are together in any way. Brandall is fine with that, until Kyle’s cousin, and Brandall’s best friend, Mitchum, finally convinces him there should be more to the relationship.

When Brandall tries to refuse Kyle, he gets a fist to the face. Now, not only does he have to deal with his own insecurities, he has to deal with an abusive lover. To make matters worse, he literally bumps into a guy who puts Kyle’s good looks to shame. But Brandall doesn’t want to be attracted, he has Kyle...and suddenly things are getting complicated.

When Kyle forces himself on Brandall, he knows he needs to make decisions. He just doesn’t know if he has the courage. His life has gotten out of control, and his attraction to Troian is growing. Especially since Troian is kind, protective and caring. Not something Brandall is used to, or trusts.

When Kyle comes after him again, Troian is there to rescue him, and Brandall realizes his feelings for Troian are much more than attraction. Despite not wanting to, he falls for Troian, but when Troian admits to loving Brandall, he finally understands that Troian is the better choice, and he learns to trust the second chance he’s been given.

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