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Forgiving Pain, Omega Born Book 3

Length: 250 pages5 hours


Life had gotten complicated for Alpha Dryden. His alpha guardian, lead beta, and best friend had disappeared. A new threat, or two had surfaced, and to make things worse, he’d been challenged by several Border Pack wolves.

Once he’d saved his mate...again, he thought things would settle down, and he and Arri could enjoy their son. But it wasn’t to be, and Dryden was lost without Vann. A feeling he wasn’t enjoying.

The pain of separation was more than he thought possible, and he wondered if it would ever go away, or if Vann would ever return.

Vann had run, but fate had caught up with him. Manipulated by the alphas of the pack he was hiding in, he had to struggle with his desire, and his wolf with Truin so close. But, fate was a bitch, and Vann found himself in a predicament he was unprepared to handle.

Just when he’d thought he might escape again, he was thrust into a situation he thought impossible, and his resolve was crumbling.
Pain had been his constant companion since fleeing his pack, and his alpha. But now, there was hope, and Vann wasn’t sure he deserved it. But, just maybe, if he forgave the pain within him, that hope might blossom into something real.

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