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Being a Vegetarian by Choice: A Natural, Healthier Alternative

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Table of Contents

Arguments for Vegetarianism
A Little Bit about Religious Fasting
Reasons to Grow Your Own Food
“Bon Marche-Bargain Prices”
Different Beliefs about Vegetarianism
Some home truths about a non-vegetarian diet (told to me by a Doctor)
Fishy Tales
Eggs. Eggs. Eggs...
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A couple of months ago, a number of my friends were talking to me, about different lifestyles and food choices, and when I told them that I was thinking of turning vegetarian after more than four decades of being a thorough carnivore and omnivore, the derisive laugh that went up was enough to nearly shatter sensitive eardrums.

And then the ribbing started. See that holy pious cat, going on a pilgrimage after downing down a thousand rats. I told them that it was not necessary for them to follow in my footsteps and they could continue chomping down on their juicy barbecues, hamburgers, and steaks, but I had decided to follow a vegetarian lifestyle to see how it affected my health in the long run.

Many people may think that this response is a bit too much but the real reason is that the fixed nature of our habits and the unwillingness to change our lifestyles to something else is inherent in the majority of us.

I come in that category. So naturally when I decided to change my diet choice, my friends were skeptical. And naturally so because they could not think of changing their own dietary habits of a lifetime to try something else, especially a totally vegetarian diet.

All right, let me admit it. I turned semi- vegetarian in 1999, up to 2004, and I must say that I was never more healthy, more energetic and even I must admit more “good-looking”, ever in my life.

My hair and skin shone and glowed. Now I understood the secrets of the ancient ladies, who never ate meat, because according to them, that was a diet best left for the men.

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