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Claiming the Little Vampire

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Kelle wasn’t sure what to think of the small, pale man he’d bumped into in the alley behind the nightclub. It was easy to see he’d been mugged, but when he’d approached him to help, the man had hissed at him...hissed! And were those fangs he’d seen? No, he had to been mistaken.
He wasn’t able to convince the young man he was trying to help, so left him alone. Except he couldn’t let it go, couldn’t stop thinking about the cute, little guy. He seemed...helpless and yet, not. Kelle wasn’t sure what to think. Besides, he didn’t even know if he’d see the man again.
Except he did. Several nights later.
He wasn’t happy the clientele of the nightclub seemed to think the man was fair game, and an unusual feeling of protectiveness filled Kelle. Being a bouncer for Thayne’s night club, Bent, he was used to stopping fights, knocking heads, and ogling men. However, his #1 rule was never to take any of the men who came to the nightclub home. Flirt? Sure. But no liaisons.

When he saw a couple of large men herding the little guy towards the private alcoves, Kelle intervened. He had to. The pretty, young man did not appreciate it, spitting obscenities at him. He was a feisty thing that was for sure. Which only intrigued Kelle even more.
He wasn’t prepared for his heart to get involved, especially when he didn’t even know the guy. And what was he supposed to do when he found out the man wasn’t what he seemed?


Tobih really hated what he was. Bad enough he was gay, but a vampire too. And unlike all the stories, and movies, vampires were not scary, not intimidating, and certainly couldn’t compel anyone. At least Tobih couldn’t. He didn’t even remember the one-night stand who’d bitten him, and condemned Tobih to this life. And he’d never seen, nor heard of any other vampires around. Hell, he didn’t even believe in them until he was staring at himself in the mirror, horrified at the fangs in his mouth, and the churning thirst in his throat, and hunger in his belly.

That left him trying to figure out everything on his own. It was a nightmare. The need for blood was the worst part. Tobih, by nature, was kind of shy. At least until he got to know someone. Now he was just angry—all the time. And finding someone to feed from was harder than he ever thought.
He was starving.
It didn’t help his situation every guy he tried to hook up with, both for sex and blood, thought he was someone to knock around. And what was it with the bouncer? Following him around, interfering when he was so close to tapping someone’s vein, and filling his aching belly. He did not appreciate the meddling, even if the guy was gorgeous...and hot.

He was out of Tobih’s league. Or so he thought...

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