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Into the Past

Length: 183 pages2 hours


Three weeks before Christmas, Detective Lieutenant TJ Locke is looking into a cold case that’s haunted the Nannaquonset Police Department for forty years—the brutal rape and murder of a co-ed from the local college. The investigating detective thought the dead girl was the possible first victim of a serial killer. The new forensics analyst thinks so too and tells TJ to let it go, but he has other plans.

TJ enlists the aid of psychic Mallory Pope whose vision provides TJ with details from the night of the murder—six people, a black car, and a yellow house. Returning to the list of primary suspects, TJ and Mallory discover that four of those people have died under mysterious circumstances.

As pieces of the tragic puzzle start to fit, TJ and Mallory find a witness to the co-ed’s murder. Mallory’s gift gives TJ the confirmation that he needs. He knows who the killer is. Unfortunately, he has no evidence.

The statute of limitations never runs out on murder. But will the D.A. be willing to prosecute based on a psychic’s testimony?

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