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Stretched Thin: Finding Balance Working and Parenting Children with Special Needs

Length: 124 pages1 hour


This book chronicles the author’s journey as a social justice advocate for children who have been identified for special education services. In her role as a school psychologist, the author has helped many families and educational stakeholders over the years better understand the relationship between a student’s disability and its implication(s) in the classroom, at home, as well as within their local community. However, it was not until the author became the parent of two children with disabilities that she finally understood the raw emotions and concerns faced by many families of children with special needs and developmental challenges. The author provides a snapshot into her lived experiences as she comes to terms with parenting children with special needs while balancing her career as a school psychologist. The author provides the reader with suggestions on finding ways to balance parenting and/or working with children with special needs.

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