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Pony Beads.

Length: 9 pages8 minutes


While traveling through the south, a cowboy stops in a saloon and sips some Whiskey and dances with a pretty girl. He loses most of his money through the holes in his pockets and is left with only a few coins and some Pony Beads he traded his rusty old Colt for with some traders. He's being watched by a thieving desperado know as a Night Prowler that robs people at night after they fall asleep.

After the cowboy rides out of town, he's followed by the Night Prowler up to his camp where he's robbed, but when he wakes up the following morning he's surprised to see a smoldering campfire as well as other things that should've been stolen but weren't.

He gathers up his sparse belongings and heads down a trail where he's met by the Night Prowler that gives him an explanation why things weren't as bad for him as they were for some of the other cowboys that were in the same Saloon he was the night before.

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