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I Will Fight No More

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I Will Fight No More is the last book in a four book series which takes the thoughts and beliefs of the people and political events that produced a Nation so divided that made the American Civil War inevitable. This Civil War series explains why in 1861 the South felt that they had no choice but to seek their own Independence just as the original 13 Colonies sought their Independence from England in 1776. The Author has studied the Civil War since he was 10 years old and by using actual historical events he has established the timeline in his books. He has provided insights to the feelings of the people caught in the greatest test for the survival of the United States of America. His book are one of the few sources to understand the real conditions in the North and the South that tested the metal of the soldiers who fought the American Civil War. When we attempt to change History for current political reasons we are denying the truths that made us who we are.
In this book Confederate Colonel O'Neil as a Spy in President Lincoln's White house continues to try to help the South through insurmountable odds to win it's independence from the Federal Government. When O'Neil realizes that he can no longer help the Sought by remaining in the White house, he stages Stockton's death to take a Command in the Confederate Army.
"I will fight no more" covers the American Civil War in 1864 to April 9, 1865. Those historic words were spoken by General Robert E Lee when he realizes that he has no choice but to surrender the Confederate Army at Appomattox Virginia. He therefore sought the terms of surrender from Union General Grant.

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