Amazon FBA Beginners Guide

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Amazon FBA Beginners Guide

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Amazon FBA Beginners GuideStep By Step Instructions to Selling On Amazon And Launching Your Private Label Products That Turns Into Cash

Are you seeking to start a side-gig that rakes you some money while providing you with the freedom to live your life in the literal and metaphorical sense? Are you unemployed and is finding it tough to make ends meet while it is even tougher to land yourself a job? A large portion of people are in debt and they do not know where they are going to source some money to pay it off while living, leave alone a comfortable life, an undisturbed life.

There is a way to make the extra cash and all you need is a keen eye and the desire to make money. This book will introduce you to the exciting frontier of Amazon FBA where you can sell your private branded products without as much as “getting your hands dirty”. With dirty work here, I mean you have someone else making the product, shipping it to your customer and even doing the marketing for you. So you essentially let Amazon do what they are good at and you become their partner in business.

This is not about a get rich quick scheme. You need a very keen eye and do some due diligence. If you do it right, you will be selling your own private branded products through the Amazon FBA and reaping the rewards. You do not need to be tech savvy but only smart, smart enough to be successful. This book will give you some of the secrets to achieving this in a succinct manner. Take your time as I take you through:• Opening an Amazon Seller account• Smart ways to determine the product you are going to sell• Finding good and credible suppliers • Freight Forwarding and Transportation• Setting up on Amazon and finding customers

There are many more tips for you as a beginner!

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