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For More Than Glory

Length: 329 pages10 hours


National bestselling science fiction master William C. Dietz continues his Legion of the Damned series as the balance of power on a remote planet may decide the fate of the battered Confederacy…

Second Lieutenant Antonio Santana had earned respect and honor battling the Thrakies—until he refused an order to fire on unarmed civilians. Now he’s been busted down a rank and posted to the isolated planet of LaNor.

Since its recent discovery, LaNor has attracted the attention of every political and economic power of every species in the still-precarious Confederacy of Sentient Beings—all with an eye to exploiting both its location and its natural resources. As for the native LaNorians, little concern is paid to them except as a steady supply of cheap labor.

But the LaNorians have had enough of this unwelcome colonization—and are ready to strike back at those who have corrupted their homeworld. Led by their Empress, they launch an all-out rebellion in against the invaders. Surrounded by a fanatical horde, all the competing interests are forced to band together for survival in an unlikely alliance held together both by the courage of Santana and the diplomatic prowess of his sometime lover Christine Vanderveen.

But even as the Legion and its newfound allies struggles to fend off wave after bloody wave of furious attacks, Santana slowly begins to suspect that they all may be pawns in a much greater and deadlier campaign. That someone or something else is behind the uprising. And that their true objective is to spread the chaos of war far beyond LaNor…

“[An] elaborate military-political thriller…Dietz has created an intricate tapestry of local and star-faring culture with topnotch action sequences.”—Publishers Weekly

"Dietz's expertise in matters of mayhem is second to none.”—The Oregonian

“Fans of military science-fiction really need not look any further than this series…this is as good as it gets.”—Mass Movement

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