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“SAIRAM how are you?”…Suresh inquired and entered my office cabin with an excited smile, reflecting the happiness of meeting his friend (me) after one year since I left my previous company where we were working together for three years with lot of projects, debates and arguments, but respected each other though.   

"Ha-ha!!! Welcome Sir, I'm fine, please be seated, how are you!!!” I too greeted him with surprised look, but my mind started pricking with the question why Suresh called me Sairam.

Suresh replied “Ya Sai fine with Sai Baba’s grace”. “Oh!!!Again, what happened to him? It sounds very strange, who is this Sairam?” thoughts stormed as the dust in my mind.

 “So Sir what is the matter? It feels great seeing you after a long time, which I never thought it would happen.” I asked. 

“Sairam...he is Ritheesh Sairam, running a business near our company. It was moving well with sustained profit share. But in recent times the orders drastically declined to the downfall” Suresh said. I turned to Ritheesh and acknowledged a hallo.

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