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The Castle Trilogy

Length: 94 pages1 hour


Secrets abound at The Castle.

Behind a nondescript door in Midtown lies a labyrinth with room after room of kinky delights tailored to fulfill the fantasies of its frequent guests: international executives, elite artists, millionaire musicians, eccentric scholars, and brilliant billionaires.

Jump down the rabbit hole with Alice into the glittering underworld of New York City’s most exclusive sex club: The Castle.

***Warning! This 21,000-word erotic trilogy is centered around a bicurious woman explorin an urban sexual wonderland where power, sex, and advanced technology fill every room in this futuristic palace and New York’s kinkiest come to indulge hedonistic fetishes.
Scenes include graphic depictions of group sex, use of sex toys, pole dancing, burlesque performances, bisexual, gay, and lesbian, threesome and foursome group sex, foot worship, a hermaphrodite shifter, shibari gang bangs, rough sex, domination, office sex, a ffm threesome, a group sex orgy, rampant exhibitionism, and explicit language. 18+ only!

In His Wonderland (Group Sex Club Orgy Erotica)
Fantasies and Fetishes (Virtual Reality Shifter Gangbang Erotica)
Bound and Determined (BDSM Shibari Gangbang Erotica)

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