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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. A Harvard-trained economist turns president, a career military officer turns terrorist, and two brothers with opposing ideologies, all fighting for the same things –liberty, justice, and equality in Liberia—a west African nation where oppression, murder and hopelessness have been the underlying principles for decades.When a car bomb explodes in downtown Monrovia severely wounding the President during an Independence Day parade, the message was clear—someone was out to kill her as well as corrupt members of her administration. Days following the bombing, the President vowed to fight back and bring those responsible to justice, but how can she fight an enemy as elusive as the Brotherhood of HOPE –an enemy that has no clear political agenda, only deceptions and mayhems are its modus operandi!The ultimate threat. Trained by the U.S. Military as a Green Beret and the Israeli Military in antiterrorism techniques, Robert Darkly, leader of the Night Riders, has been recruited by the Brotherhood to assassinate the first-ever elected female president in an African nation. This ultra-segmented organization sends Robert into the Middle East to acquire more training—in Syria, he trains in a Hamas-run terrorist camp in the art of bomb making and assassination while in Lebanon, he learns Spider Netting, Selective Embedding and other terrorist techniques in a Hezbollah militants training camp. When he returns home to deliver his payloads, his reputations becomes a legend. The ultimate deception. In his fight against the establishment, David Morris manipulates the Brotherhood as he masterfully crafts the President’s assassination. The administration which is saturated with corrupt officials, finds itself in a two-front battles—corruptions within and instability from the Brotherhood HOPE. On the contrarily, Raymond Morris tries to understand his enigmatic brother’s involvement with the Brotherhood but David’s operation is as complex as that of the ALPHA, the invisible hand that controls the deadly operations of the Brotherhood. When Raymond finally enters his brother’s world of secrecy, he uncovers the ultimate deception.
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