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Don't judge a book by its cover. Mosaic is a contemporary story of survival; and, of hope and courage.

'The thing about abuse is you can't bury it like the dead. It's not a dead pet, or a dead loved one or friend. It stays in your heart... so for as long as it keeps beating... you have to keep living with it.'

Mosaic is a story about pain and suffering, yet it is also one of hope, redemption and finding love in the most unexpected places. In every sense, this is our story.


Ralph was a victim of a paedophile, molested and raped as a child. It ended only when the abuser, a trusted family friend, was killed by his father. For years, he continued to struggle with the aftermath, courageously battling through the trauma.

Will he overcome them? Will his girlfriend's unconditional love be enough to get him through?

Wronged and scared…

Her husband shattered Kate's faith and belief. With her children in tow and her purse empty, she escaped as far north as Chicago to start afresh. Here, she also found her greatest allies. Then, quite suddenly, tranquillity was about to be shattered once more. They soon learned that her husband would be coming to Chicago.

Would they be able to protect them from this monster?


A child's simple sketch revealed a deep, dark, painful past. Secrets that cried out for justice.

Would justice be forthcoming?

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