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With love, hope and tolerance, the possibilities are LIMITLESS

This is a collection of short stories and poems by a very creative and passionate group of writers and poets who want to make a difference.

All profits from this anthology will be donated to the AMAR Foundation - an award-winning charity that works in the Middle East to help millions rebuild their lives in countries scarred by war. For 25 years AMAR has provided a package of healthcare, emergency relief, and education, to help improve the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged people.

There is something for everyone in this collection of stories and poems.

The amazing contributors of LIMITLESS are:

Ronesa Aveela; Heather Award; Victoria Blanco; Kitty Boyes; Carole Bulewski; Graça Costa; Kathleen Ellen; Colin Griffiths; Lesley Hayes; Norma Haynes; M.E. Hembroff; Tom Hodden; Marshall Hughes; Nico J Genes; Jess James; W. Ruth Kozak; Skye Leah Collett; Grant Leishman; Fran Lewis; Cherime MacFarlane; Will Macmillan Jones; Rachel McGrath; James Osborne; May Panayi; Colin Parsons; Sue Rice; Kim Ross; Naseha Sameen; Mary Schmidt; Ryn Shell; Aoife Marie Sheridan; Arthur Turfa; Megan Whiting

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