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Missing By a Heartbeat: A Chandler County Novel

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Missing By a Heartbeat: A Chandler County Novel

Length: 322 pages


Dr. Tori Sterling knows her way around race horse injuries better than vets with twice her experience, and she’s used to defending her scrupulously honest reputation in a world where rule-bending is often more common than honesty.

Trainer Winn Crosby has finally made it to his dream destination: the venerable Churchill Downs. With a gift for getting the best from his horses, his goal is training a horse for a big stakes race. It’s no easy task, however, when every member of his staff is young and has a record. When a Derby-bound colt is targeted by a saboteur, Winn and his stable of misfits are prime suspects.

When simple sabotage turns into a barn-wide scandal that implicates them both, Winn teams up with Tori to save their reputations. Their partnership quickly blossoms into unexpected passion, but they’re soon racing against time. Someone is desperate to eliminate them and their investigation, and the two have to find out who it is before they lose their careers, their lives or, worse, their chance at love.

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