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Do Yourself No Harm: The Secrets of Effective Prayers

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What is it about Paul’s cry "Do yourself no harm; for we are all here” (Acts 16:28) in a Roman prison around 90 AD that resonates with Sabina Wurmbrand’s response to the Nazi soldiers she and her husband Richard had shown great hospitality, despite losing relatives in Nazi concentration camps? When told by the soldiers that they were not assured of any future reward for their kindness in shielding them from the Allied forces, Sabina’s words to the enemy soldiers cut to the heart of Christ’s message and exemplary love. Here is a paraphrase of it: "you may escape my own judgment. You may even escape the judgment of those seeking your life, but most assuredly, you will not escape the judgment of God. We won’t hand you over, for my Lord said I should love my enemies and not repay evil with evil, but that does not take away the fact that God Himself will judge you if you refuse to repent!" Sabina's response is undoubtedly God-breathed and is at the core of Do Yourself No Harm, a scripturally grounded argument on why you should love your enemies, while praying for those who hurt and despitefully use you.

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