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The woman was crazy. He was sure he couldn’t stand her. Every time they were near each other they would fight like this. He was tired of listening to her disagreeing with everything he said. He had finally had enough and just wanted to shut her up. He did it in the only way he knew how. He pulled her up against him and covered her mouth with his. As she opened up to start yelling at him again, he sunk his tongue deep into her mouth. He discovered he liked her like this. He breathed in deeply getting a good hit of her scent and found it made his breath come faster. He savored her delicious taste and noticed his heart beat quicker.
OMG, it couldn’t be. Was his soul mate the crazy sister that stretched his patience and made him want to scream out his aggravation? How the hell was that fair? He wanted to deny it yet the longer he kissed her, the more he never wanted to stop. She wasn’t fighting him anymore either. Maybe this could work if he could keep her in bed with his tongue down her throat. It was a plan anyway.

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