Billionaire Triplets Matchmakers: Billionaire's Triplets BWWM Romance, #2

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Billionaire Triplets Matchmakers: Billionaire's Triplets BWWM Romance, #2

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars4.5/5 (2 ratings)
Length: 298 pages5 hours


Don't Miss Book 2 in the Billionaire's Triplets Series from bestselling BWWM interracial romance author, Mia Caldwell.

The Billionaire Triplets, eight-month baby brothers, Hunter, Ryland & Marco are thrilled that their Mamma and Papa are finally getting married. On the eve of the Big Fat Spanish Wedding in Barcelona Spain, they decide to become matchmakers for their beloved nanny, their Mamma's sister, Auntie Joan when Hunter witnessed her face light up after a chance encounter with a handsome man in a café.

Turns out, Marco knows who the handsome young man is.... It's Antonio Ferraro, a notorious playboy and star striker for Italy's soccer team, AC Milan. Also, Antonio is connected to their father, Julio Torres, the billionaire who's about to marry their mother. It's a perfect match - as far as the triplets are concerned, but their plans to play Cupid are turned upside down when they learn that Auntie Joan and the soccer star have a troubling history that's threatening to keep them apart.

To add insult to injury - Antonio has been a very bad boy and now he's in serious deep doo-doo with some scary and dangerous men. Antonio has a gambling problem? What does that even mean?

The triplets are too young to know when it's time to quit, so they decide to keep trying. They can tell that Antonio Ferraro really cares about their Auntie Joan and they've seen the way she looks at him. It's the same look that their Mamma and Papa have just before they get all kissy. (Yuck!)

They want their Auntie Joan to have the same happiness that their parents have. And they recognize true love when they see it -- even if the silly adults are too stubborn to see it themselves.

Book 1 - The Billionaire's Triplets
Book 2 - The Billionaire's Triplets - Matchmakers

Each book can be read as a standalone novel. This novel contains humor, telepathically communicating babies, a little danger and violence for the adults along with some seriously steamy intimate moments, (Our three baby's hide their heads and cover their eyes on that bit of news.) This book also touches on recovery and addiction, including spirituality, the power of prayer, 12-step programs, and redemption. Enjoy!

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