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Judas: The Extinction Series, #3

377 pages5 hours


Trust No One

Forced to disobey her father’s dying admonition, Eve and Max collide with explosive consequences. While she struggles against others that try to get close to her, Eve discovers that in this new world, you either use or be used.

Max Dumerick's obsession with helping the resistance stop Armageddon turns upside down when Eve sneaks into the refugee camp. She is no longer the sheltered little girl he met in Sebring and despite his efforts to remember that she is a means to an end, Max finds himself torn between his duty to Mittie Kate and Ling, and his desire to protect her.

Onboard the International Space Station, Melanie and Yuri struggle against the growing mistrust between them. Once true allegiances surface, both discover that it is kill or be killed. When the ISS becomes a battleground, the cold vacuum of space is closer than either of them realize.

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