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Guide to Japan-born Inventory and Accounts Receivable Freshness Control for managers 2017 (English version)

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Reference book on mitigation of overproduction and accounting fraud risks The proper Inventory and Accounts Receivable control can solve all management issues! Having engaged in production and distribution for many years at Sony and familiar with "inventory management" of domestic and foreign companies, author explains as to what is Inventory-centric management consulting. While inventory is the fountainhead of profits for business, it also brings about a loss and is only a result of operation. Focusing on three issues related to inventory (① Increase in working capital ② Increase in disposal costs ③ Reduction of accounting fraud risks), the essence of inventory management is clearly explained, that is freshness (time-axis) management of goods and thorough weekly operation. Case studies of domestic major companies acquired through interview, Cash Conversion Cycle between Japan and US is thoroughly compared. Also, referring to the latest world food problem, advocating to suppress overproduction and excess supply. Following the English translation version, the book will be published in multiple languages to promote inventory freshness control. Manufacturing, logistics, food · · · Management executives, Corporate control staff, SCM person responsible person for all industries must read.

The financial data has been updated for 2017.

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