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The Magic of Potatoes: Healing Yourself Naturally by Adding Potatoes to Your Daily Diet

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Some Tall Potato Tales
Raising Potatoes
Potato Pests
Harvesting Your Potato Crop
Potatoes-Healing Properties
Some more tales on diet, lifestyles, medicines and the occasional potato
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This book is for all those people, who love potatoes, but have stopped eating them because somebody has scared them that that would make them fat and thus automatically unattractive and ugly. Well, they can rejoice, and so can I, because somebody has lied to us quite assiduously, and prevented us from eating one of the most healthy and nourishing of food items given to us by nature.

Potatoes when baked, roast, and boiled are one of the most nutritional of food items known to man. It is only when you fry them in huge amounts of butter and fat that you are going to gain weight. The weight was due to the butter and fat content and not due to that innocent little health giving potato.

So if you stopped enjoying potatoes, just because somebody said that weight watchers and people who were worried about being obese should not eat potatoes because they said so, punch their ignorant noses with a potato. This is nature’s gift to man, and I believe the persons who tell you not to eat potatoes are enjoying potatoes in large quantities in the quiet of their own kitchen, because they cannot resist it, and they are happy that they have more potatoes to eat, roasted, baked, boiled, broiled, sliced, diced and so on. That is because you stopped eating them, and so did your family. And so they had the chance to eat three extra 20 pounds sacks of potatoes, which incidentally was the annual potato consumption of a normal healthy family of six.

This book is going to give you some historical knowledge about potatoes, how it has been used to cure people of a large number of ailments. Naturally, this is going to encourage you to eat potatoes and forget about the idea that eating potatoes make you as fat as one. It does not. If it did, all the Irish, the Americans of South America, the people all over the world who have been eating potatoes since ancient times daily would be as fat as little pachyderms.

Instead, they were healthy, lean, thin, and perfectly streamlined. Potatoes and cabbage is still an important combination, in Ireland, for lunchtime, and those people are fit, healthy and as fine looking a people, as you would be glad to see anywhere in the world.

Believe it or not, potatoes have been used as staple diet food for a large number of civilizations, both in the ancient times, when people used to live on corn and potatoes, in the South of America, and then when the traders began taking potatoes all over the world, it was the staple diet of people in Ireland, and was so important that when there was the great potato famine in the 19th century, with the potato yield failing due to disease in 1845 due to a fungus named Phytophthora Infestans.

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