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The God Whom Moses Knew
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Must we experience the loving violence of God as did Moses and the Israelites? For the last 25 years, I have been absorbed in the seldom-appreciated Old Testament Book of Numbers and its adjacent books, culminating in my writing this novel. In The God Whom Moses Knew, the reader uncovers God’s strong passions, His vulnerability, the reasons for His just wrath and violence, and His determination to lead His reluctant people through a dangerous wilderness on a pilgrimage of eternal merit. Experience the profound feelings and the intense struggles of God’s devoted servant, Moses: the calamitous desertion of God by His recently freed, scrappy and frightened people: a humble, brave, cretinous craftsman: the savage foreign armies who attack a vulnerable people: the dependable, loyal Joshua: a wily magician who threatens disaster: tribal leaders who foment a rebellion: and trained temptresses who lure soldiers to worship other gods. Can you identify with any of these challenges in your own journey toward the God Whom Moses Knew?

By “bringing to life” the Biblical people and their culture, the author helps the reader feel like YOU ARE THERE. Recommended reading for all, including Biblical neophytes “…like me.” Bernadette McCarver Snyder, internationally acclaimed author of “150 Fun Facts found in the Bible (for people of all ages)” and “There’s a Bee in My Begonias: Garden Paths and Prayers,” among many others.
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