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The Life-Changing Power of NO!: How To Stop Trying To Please Everyone, Start Standing Up For Yourself, And Say No Without Guilt Or Conflict (Even To Difficult People): Positively Happy Me

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Are you constantly trying to please everyone? Do you dream of being more assertive? Are you struggling to say no without feeling guilty or creating conflict? Is this you:

 'When I say 'no' I feel guilty?'

' I don't know how to build confidence or boundaries'.

'I don't know when to say yes, how to say no'.

The truth is...we are all people-pleasers to some extent. But if you are trying to please everyone, if you are always putting yourself last, then you have a problem - you have the 'Disease To Please'.

The answer is to to stop trying to please everyone, find how to build confidence and learn specific techniques to say no. If you can do this, you will reclaim your freedom, peace of mind and life. And that's what you'll learn in The Life-Changing power of NO!

The goal of this book is simple: To teach you the habits, actions and techniques to stop pleasing everyone except yourself. You'll also learn how to build confidence, being more assertive and learning to say no without guilt or conflict.

You will also learn:

Why Lack of Self Confidence Makes You Say Yes - And What To Do About It.

How To Break Guilt's Powerful Hold By Being More Assertive.

A Simple 3 Step Formula For Finding The Resolve To Say No.

How To Say No And Be Heard, even with a lack of self-confidence.

The 5 Point Feel Good Checklist For Saying No Without Conflict.

 How To Say No Without Saying The Word No.

 6 Steps To A Foolproof No (Even With Difficult People).

 What To Do When They Won't Accept Your No.

 How To Build Your Confidence And Keep Your No In The Long Run.

And also dozens of word for word scripts you can adapt for any situation.

The LIFE-CHANGING POWER of NO! is full of tips and exercises that will have an immediate effect on your confidence and ability to stand up for yourself and say no!

And instead of just explaining how to build your confidence, be more assertive and say no effectively and without confrontation, The LIFE-CHANGING POWER of NO! includes dozens of word for word scripts you can adapt for any situation.

Praise for The Life-Changing Power of NO!

"The scripts are written out in a way I would actually talk. It was very true to the nature of people. I felt I had so much to choose from there's no reason to hold back a no."

"This book is a game-changer. After reading it, you’ll understand what drives us to say yes, realize the huge cost of not saying no, and learn how to say no gracefully in diverse circumstances. "

"I especially enjoyed this section: 6 Steps To A Foolproof No (Even With Difficult People). It has some great examples of how to deal with people who won’t take no for an answer. This book will change your life like it’s changed mine. "

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