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To Conquer Heaven

395 pages6 hours


The lost Tomb of the First Emperor of China is about to be found.
But this powerful Taoist sorceror is not ... quite ... dead.

Love Indiana Jones? Love Jack Burton? Then you will love this.

Jeremy Wang is still smarting from being academically disgraced by his room mate, Brett East. But now Jeremy needs to enlist Brett’s help - because he’s found something ... a clue.

A clue to unravel one of history's greatest mysteries.

Where is the Tomb of the First Emperor of China?

A fiend so foul, he slaughtered entire civilisations in his insane quest to conquer the known world and form the mighty empire that bears his name to this day. 

To discover the Elixir of Life and defeat Death herself.

To rise again and conquer Heaven.

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