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A Gentleman and a Scholar

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The guilt-edged invitation winks at me as I take it from the mantelpiece.
"You are invited to share my 70th birthday." But what intrigues me is the last line..."I shall be making an announcement that will surprise you all."
A man as wealthy and powerful as Maxwell has many so-called friends, hangers-on, hopefuls and enemies, and the guest list reflects most of these. Although, I must confess there are a few surprises. Fabio Fabritzio, for example. He's the pool boy and apart from being visually beautiful, I can't imagine why Maxwell would include him.
— From “A Dish Best Served Cold” by Anne E Summers

“Murderer! You killed them just as surely as if you twisted the knife in their hearts. I hope you rot in hell... I hope you...”
My sister's face was contorted with fury, spittle on her lips.
— From "All in a Day's Work" by David Campbell

Thirty-four short stories are show-cased in this marvellous anthology created from the winning stories in the Stringybark 'Dog Eat Dog' Short Story Award 2017. Inspired by the titles of clichés, not one of these stories is a cliché. H ere you will find some of the best contemporary short story writing from both Australian and international authors. Fresh, imaginative and often funny, this is a wonderful Stringybark Stories anthology.

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