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Chat With the Afterworld: Peace In the Afterlife Realm Has a Relationship With Peace In the Living Realm

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This Buddhist e-book “Chat With The Afterworld” is the e-book of the dead and afterlife. In this e-book you will learn what is the relationship between the physical world and the afterworld. If you have karmic debts with the dead people, will they influence your life and how can you practice to be in comfort and always in a joyful direction?
The writer will share some methods to practice to transform sufferings and pangs, to practice love with an honest heart towards a life of serving, plainness, to protect life even the core of cells. He also tells you how to guide afterworld spirits to practice to be quickly delivered.
This Buddhist e-book is perfect for the beginners to learn about the dead and life after dead and basic practice for Buddhist practitioners to follow to lead a peaceful life and solve the karmic debt with the dead.

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