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The Seventh Woman

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The Seventh Woman is set in post Soviet Riga, Latvia. A former Christadelphian working as a journalist settles in Riga and gets into a romance with an ex-Communist Afghanistan veteran. They are bound together by having reached the same unusual conclusions about Biblical doctrine, e.g. rejecting the Trinity. Their romance is made difficult by Dmitry living in a night shelter and his involvement with the underworld, and also the involvement of Alison's former lesbian lover Ilze who turns out to be a serial murderer. They come into contact with a church which appears to solve their desire for a church which is not a religion... but there's quite a tangled web centred around the enigmatic pastor of the church and his wife. It all comes to a nailbiting climax...

This novel touches on post Soviet social issues, the fate of the Russian community in the independent republics, as well as the tension between religion and personal relationship with God.

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